MG Marmi | Shaped Frames and Skirting Board in Marble and Granite.


Our works

Marble, Granite and Stone workings

Shaped frames and skirting boards

With the experience of years of experimenting, building machinery when shaped marble frames were still just an idea, we were able to develop over 50 types of shapes of various sizes starting from the very small pencil (1.5 cm) to fireplace frames.

We can also create frames with a profile to design at the customer’s request.

The skirting boards, commonly called plinths, entered our production at the same time as the frames to give that touch of elegance even in the part that is not usually considered but that together with the frame opens and closes the coverings in the bathrooms, or in any other room, commonly called Boiserie.

Molded frames

Floors and Staircases

Processing of marble floor and wall tiles made to measure and for every need, to give importance and a touch of elegance.

Mg Marmi is able to create solutions for floors and walls in marble suitable for the environment with the uniqueness of the design formed by the veins in the style “Open Book”.

With the experience gained over the years we create coverings for stairs in masonry or on frame accompanying the customer in the choice of material and various finishes to highlight that part of the house that is usually just passing through.

Floors and Staircases


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