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M.G. Marmi

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M.G. Marmi

A great attention to detail

The sculptor does not try to translate his thought into marble: he thinks directly as if everything was already made of marble, he thinks in marble. (André Gide)

Our company was founded in 1991, after 30 years of experience in the field, at family level, handing down from father to son the passion for marble in its forms and uses, starting from the furniture for bars and shops, hairdressers and PUB, passing from building supplies, pallets and thresholds and then small and large supplies for hotels, spas and private homes.

Give value to marble and stone

The natural splendour of marble without the help of varnishes

In 1993 we started the development, through self-built handcrafted machinery, the production and processing of shaped skirting boards and shaped marble frames, with a constant investment and development of new abrasives that over the years has allowed us to reach a level of NATURAL LIGHTNESS without equal and without the use of paints.

The continuous search for perfection in processing and finishing has led us in 2013 to achieve an excellent result even in granite frames, which until then were not made in NATURAL POLISH finish.

Our experienced technical office is able from a simple sketch on a sheet of paper to develop the project to the final result for the complete satisfaction of the customer, paying particular attention to the packaging to ensure that our products arrive in perfect condition to the final customer anywhere in the world.

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